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Marc Miller's Agent of the Imperium & Free Shorts

Marc's Agent (with small bits of additional text compared to the kickstarter version) is now available electronic and in print from Baen Books. If you don't have the Kickstarter, I can highly reccoment the novel - I loved both the book and audio book from the Kick! Can't speak about what extra text the Baen edition contains, but Marc writes it's not worth to get it if you have the Kickstarter already, unless of course, you want to have an extra copy or get it as a gift for somebody else (or are an obsessive fan I guess :p). In any case, if you are just hungry for some extra Traveller fiction ...

Baen put together a short story anthology from various authors, including the red ship from Marc, which is available for free download on their homepage!


Agent of the Imperium

The Red Ship