Type Name Book Page
Abilities Special Freelancer's Weapons or Abilities Chart DB1 68
Characters Optional Background Table for Freelancers DB1 69
Places Demon Bridge Random Dimension Table DB1 154
Design Creating More Alien Races: Attributes DB2 104
Design Creating More Alien Races: Damage Capacity DB2 104
Design Creating More Alien Races: Alien Appearance DB2 105
Design Creating More Alien Races: Physiological Modifications (from Homeworld) DB2 105
Design Creating More Alien Races: Unusual Characteristics DB2 106
Design Creating More Alien Races: Unusual Powers DB2 106
Design Creating More Alien Races: Technological Level (from Homeworld) DB2 107
Design Creating More Alien Races: Magical Level (from Homeworld) DB2 107
Design Creating More Alien Races: General Attitude/Culture (from Homeworld) DB2 108
Weapons Rift Cannon Damage & Effect Table DB2 156
Weapons Rift-Projector Effect Table DB2 156
Encounters Coalition Encounters GMRS NN
Design Quick NPC Generation GMRS NN
Treasure Equipment: Item GMRS NN
Treasure Equipment: Weapons GMRS NN
Treasure Equipment: Armor GMRS NN
Encounters Animal Encounters GMRS NN
Weapons Chance of Being Knocked Unconscious by a Stun Grenade R51 62
Characters Psychological Trauma Table RA 15
Places Inhabited missile silos of the Southwestern USA RA 128
Encounters Xiticix Country: Random Encounter Table RAB 14
Encounters Rifts Tables RAG 182
Encounters Periodic Rift Table RAG 185
Encounters Random Rift Table RAG 186
Places Random World Tables RAG 187
Treasure 100 Black Market Contraband Finds RBM 119
Characters Random Black Market Contact Table RBM 11
Encounters Law Enforcement Encounter Table RBM 54
Encounters Chance of Passing Through Security with Contraband RBM 54
Design Merchant's Start-Up Investment RBM 106
Weapons Weapon Availability Table RBM 107
Shopping Travelling Merchant Random Generation Table (Size, Goods, Security, Willingness) RBM 108
Shopping Retail Stores RBM 111
Shopping Market Towns RBM 114
Places Bar/Club Generation Tables RBM 116
Shopping Body-Chop-Shops RBM 118
Encounters Encounters within Coalition Territory RBM 56
Shopping Back-Street Bionics Side Effects Table RBS 66
Characters Bionic Insanity Table RBS 67
Combat Optional Robot Combat Damage Tables RCB 13
Combat Side Effects S.D.D Attacks & Point Blank Table RCB 17
Combat Random Hit Location Tables RCB 18
Weapons Random Energy Weapons Tables RCB 36
Combat Knockdown Table RGMG 35
Combat Side Effects S.D.D Attacks & Point Blank Table RGMG 36
Combat Random Hit Location Tables RGMG 42
Combat Weapon Condition Table RGMG 127
Combat Additional Effects of Nano Assailants on Armor RGMG 138
Shopping Back-Street Bionics Side Effects Table RGMG 270
Shopping Bionic Insanity Table RGMG 271
Design Streetwise Failure RM 31
Encounters Random Encounter Table (Adventure Casualities of Peace) RM 155
Encounters Random Encounters Organization RMPS NN
Encounters Random Encounters Bandit Goals RMPS NN
Encounters Random Encounters Motivation RMPS NN
Encounters Random Encounters Attitude RMPS NN
Encounters Random Mechanoids Encounter Table SB2 104
Encounters Random Wilderness Encounter Table SB2 105
Characters M.O.M Side Effect Tables SB3 17
Psi psionic powers under meltdown SB3 24
Encounters Shemarrian Encounter Table SN 93
Encounters Random Encounters in the Eastern Wilderlands SN 94
Encounters Random Events Ley Line Storm SoT1 24
Magic Containment Suit Spell Casting Interference SoT1 30
Encounters Vampire Victim Tables WB1 36
Characters Danger and Side Effects (Juicer) WB10 13
Characters Hyper-Strength Syndrome WB10 13
Characters Juicer Psychosis Table WB10 15
Characters Last Call Symptoms Table WB10 17
Psi Side Effects from PSI-Cola WB12 87
Psi PSI-Implant Side Effects WB12 149
Characters Implant Removal Side Effects WB12 151
Characters Optional Dog Boy Character Tables WB13 37
Characters Mutations Gone Wrong Table WB13 71
Characters Human Special Abilities Table WB13 96
Psi Random Psi-Powers WB13 99
Design Random Size Table for Tribes (Clans, Bandit Gangs) WB13 132
Places Fadetowns WB16 46
Places Notable, Random Warp Effects WB16 152
Encounters Travel through the Forests WB17 17
Encounters Crossing the Volga WB17 21
Shopping Cost of specific components (monster parts) WB18 107
Encounters Random Encounters in the Dimensinal Triangles WB2 10
Encounters Random Events during Ley Line Storms WB2 12
Characters Transmutation Mutation Table WB2 107
Places Avalanche depth WB20 28
Places Fadetowns WB20 97
Places Shifting Veil Wall: Where do people go? WB20 101
Magic Magic Booster WB21 120
Characters Bio-Borg Insanity Table WB21 156
Characters Bio-Borg Augmentaion Table WB21 159
Design Conspiracy Theory Generator Tables / Rumor Mill WB22 162
Places Tunnel Content Xiticix WB23 31
Abilities Unique Demonic Power WB24 145
Magic Demonic Rank WB24 149
Places Blockhouse condition table WB26 114
Treasure Geode crystal type WB26 115
Places Missile Silos WB26 116
Encounters Random Encounters in a D-Shifting Zone WB26 137
Magic Random Reality Phasing WB26 146
Places Bad Water Disease WB27 14
Encounters Encounters with Intelligent Beings WB27 127
Encounters Encountering Ghosts in the Waste WB28 21
Encounters Effects of the Stream WB28 26
Encounters 51 Madhaven Encounter Ideas WB29 124
Magic Random events that can happen during a Millenium Storm WB3 13
Encounters Random Encounters (England) WB3 138
Encounters Autobahn Random Table WB31 50
Encounters Random Freighter Generation Tables (Type, Armament, Crew, Cargo) WB33 90
Encounters Random Hovertrain Generation Tables (Status, Defenses, Escorts, WB33 98
Weapons Weapon Arm/ERTRCS Glitches WB34 87
Magic Demon Plague Random Generation Tables (Afiiliation / Hades Forces / Dyvalian Forces / Unaligned Forces) WB35 18
Places Dimensional Anomalies Around Hell Pits WB35 25
Encounters Random Encounters Around Calgary (Attitude / Composition / Loot) WB35 48
Magic Curse: Eternal Torment WB35 108
Design Reef Contact Table WB35 142
Characters Side Effects from long-term JAEP and other drug addictions WB5 175
Abilities Invincible Guardsman Super Powers DB3 32
Characters Space Combat: Random Damage & Effects Table DB3 108
Characters Dreadlor Mutant Super Abilities DB4 26
Characters Seerman Super Abilities DB4 76
Characters Talus Super Abilities DB4 79
Characters Bio-Freak Super Abilities DB4 81
Places Number of Stars DB5 140
Places Star Type DB5 141
Places Number of Planets DB5 142
Places Small Stars DB5 142
Places Huge Stars DB5 144
Places Giant Stars DB5 146
Places Planetology: Type DB5 146
Places Planetology: Diameter DB5 147
Places Planetology: Gravity DB5 147
Places Planetology: Temperature DB5 147
Places Planetology: Atmosphere DB5 149
Places Planetology: Terrain DB5 150
Places Planetology: Hydrosphere DB5 151
Places Planetology: Biosphere DB5 152
Places Planetology: Population DB5 152
Places Planetology: Technology DB5 153
Places Planetology: Economy DB5 154
Places Planetology: Wealth DB5 154
Places Planetology: Government DB5 155
Places Planetology: Law Level DB5 158
Places Planetology: Popularity DB5 159
Places Planetology: Stability DB5 160
Places Random effects in a nebula DB6 18
Places Other stellar phenomena are commonplace in expanses DB6 20
Places Meteor Shower Density & Duration DB6 23
Places Random effects while travelling in a plasma field DB6 24
Places Demon Planet Psychic Trauma DB6 99
Weapons Negate Missiles, random effects DB6 131
Treasure 100 Cargos of the Three Galaxies DB6 151
Places Type of Dimension DB7 10
Places Primary Dimensional Medium DB7 11
Places Secondary Dimensional Medium DB7 13
Places Density of Dimensional Fabric DB7 14
Places Magic Level DB7 14
Magic Dimensional Energy Matrix DB7 15
Design The Flow of Time DB7 16
Design Dimensional Quirks DB7 16
Design Dimensional Maelstrom Side Effects & Destination Table DB7 22
Encounters Optional incapacitation Table Resulting from a Dimensional Maelstrom DB7 23
Encounters Off course Maelstrom Tables DB7 24
Places Table of Dimensions DB7 24
Encounters Displacement Storm DB7 28
Encounters Dimensional Vortex Outcome Table DB7 30
Design Amount if Time Traveled DB7 30
Encounters Summoning Table (Many Types!) DB7 57
Magic Random Construction of Automaton Defenders DB7 76
Encounters Raining Junk Damage Table DB7 86
Encounters Junk Storm Duration Table DB7 87
Encounters Junk Storm Area of Effect Table DB7 87
Treasure Salvageable Items Table DB7 88
Design Condition Table DB7 89
Characters Scar of Rebirth DB10 21
Magic Random Tables to Determine the Appearance & Abilities of Taursis DB10 45
Places Terrain Tables for the Desert of Taut DB10 144
Places Taut Desert Weather DB10 144
Encounters Encounter Tables in Taut DB10 144
Encounters Sulfur Pits: Weather Encounter Tables DB10 147
Places Sulfur Pits: Underground Terrain Tables DB10 148
Encounters Encounters in the Sulfur Pits DB10 149
Places Fire Planes Environmental Tables DB10 151
Encounters Encounters in the Eastern Fire Planes DB10 152
Places Death Mire Terrain DB10 159
Encounters Death Mire Weather DB10 159
Encounters Death Mire Encounters DB10 159
Encounters Thorn Forest Terrain DB10 168
Encounters Thorn Forest Weather DB10 168
Encounters Thorn Forest Encounters DB10 169
Encounters Pit of the Damned Weather DB10 171
Encounters Pit of the Damned Encounters DB10 171
Encounters Isles of the Dread Terrain DB10 173
Encounters Isles of the Dread Weather DB10 173
Encounters Isles of the Dread Encounters DB10 174
Encounters Demon Bridge Encounters DB10 176
Encounters Scorched Lands Terrain DB10 192
Encounters Scorched Lands Weather DB10 193
Encounters Scorched Lands Encounters DB10 193
Encounters Forest of Stone Weather DB10 199
Encounters Forest of Stone Terrain DB10 199
Encounters Forest of Stone Encounters DB10 199
Encounters Northern Fire Bog Terrain DB10 204
Encounters Northern Fire Bog Weather DB10 205
Encounters Northern Fire Bog Encounters DB10 206
Encounters Encounters in the Great Abyss and Demon's Gate DB10 209
Encounters Forest of Pain Weather DB10 212
Encounters Forest of Pain Terrain DB10 213
Encounters Forest of Pain Encounters DB10 213
Encounters Fire Flats Weather DB10 221
Encounters Fire Flats Terrain DB10 221
Encounters Fire Flats Encounters DB10 223
Encounters Terrain Tables for the Hades Underground DB10 224
Encounters Dyval Prime Weather Tables DB11 110
Places Dyval Prime Terrain Tables DB11 110
Encounters Dyval Prime Encounter Tables DB11 111
Characters Bio-Vat Exposure Tables DB11 124
Encounters Dyzonia Terrain & Encounter Tables DB11 129
Encounters Greyt Dyval Desert Terrain & Weather Table DB11 147
Encounters Deevil/Monster Encounter Table DB11 149
Encounters Glacia Weather Table DB11 167
Encounters Glacia Terrain Table DB11 168
Encounters Frozen Wastes Terrain Table DB11 169
Places Tundra Expanse Terrain Table DB11 170
Encounters Tundra Deevil & Monster Encounter Table DB11 171
Encounters Inferno Weather Table DB11 191
Places Inferno Terrain Table DB11 192
Encounters Inferno Encounter Table DB11 192
Encounters Mines of Dyval Encounter Tables DB11 206
Encounters Arrival at Grim Mortis DB11 209
Encounters Dimensional Anomaly for travel through the Grim Valleys DB11 210
Encounters Table for Leaving Grim Mortis via Random Rift DB11 216
Magic Demon summoning punishment DB12 190
Combat Catastrophic Damage to the Big Ships Random Internal Damage Table DB13 28
Combat Random effects of being hit by an NM-Mark 20 DB13 91
Design Tables for Making an Elder Race DB14 22
Treasure Salvageable Dominator Spacecraft Technology DB14 25
Abilities Gene-Tech Restoration Machine DB14 35
Abilities Special Abilities of the Denlech Settlers DB14 50
Abilities Keeper of the Forbidden Special Abilities DB14 51
Design Quick Roll Tables for Monster Creation DB14 107
Design Colony Creation Tables: Sponsoring Organization DB14 121
Places Colony Creation Tables: Colony Size DB14 122
Places Colony Creation Tables: General Alignment DB14 123
Places Colony Creation Tables: Trade Policies DB14 124
Places Colony Creation Tables: Evironment Around a Colony Site DB14 124
Places Colony Creation Tables: Notable or Special Natural Resource DB14 126
Places Colony Creation Tables: Initial Buildings/Facilities DB14 126
Places Colony Creation Tables: Medical Facility DB14 128
Places Colony Creation Tables: Primary Source of Energy for the Colony DB14 129
Places Colony Creation Tables: Primary Source of Transportation DB14 129
Places Colony Creation Tables: Security/Fighting Force DB14 130
Places Colony Creation Tables: Outside Threats to a Colony DB14 130
Places Indigenous People: Size of Population DB14 133
Places Indigenous People: Hostility Index DB14 134
Places Indigenous People: Tech Level DB14 135
Places Indigenous People: Origin DB14 136
Places Indigenous People: Sacred Technology DB14 137
Design 101 Adventures Based on the Discovery of Ruins DB14 139
Design Adventure Generation Possibilities Tables SoT3 77
Design Search and Rescue SoT3 78
Design Kidnapped SoT3 80
Design Foul Play SoT3 83
Design Missing in Action SoT3 84
Design Random Discovery Table SoT3 87
Encounters Random Villain Encounter Table SoT3 90
Encounters Random Encounters with Coalition Forces SoT3 93
Encounters Random Encounters with Tolkeen's Magic and Supernatural Forces SoT3 94
Treasure Skelebot Graveyard Salvage Table SoT5 13
Encounters Danger Table for Skelebot Graveyards SoT5 16
Encounters Monster Encounter and Adventure Table SoT5 18
Encounters Random Lake & River Monster Encounters SoT5 21
Encounters Danger Table for the Barrens and Waterways SoT5 22
Encounters Coalition Encounters in the Barrens SoT5 27
Magic TW items linked to ley lines (problems) SoT6 25
Magic Space and Time gone mad: Inadvertant teleportation table SoT6 25
Magic Space and Time gone mad: Spell magic backlash SoT6 27
Magic Space and Time gone mad: Random Dimensional Anomalies SoT6 29
Encounters Likely Dangers, Encounters and Situations for CS Invasion Force SoT6 204
Encounters Dangers, Encounters and Situations for Tolkeen Defenders SoT6 205
Encounters City Combat Situations SoT6 205
Design Defending the Innocent SoT6 206
Design Escape from Tolkeen SoT6 207
Characters Psychological Trauma Table Ratm 15
Design Vanguard Player Tables: Reason for Joining the Player Group CTB:TV 18
Design Vanguard Player Tables: Status withing Vanguard Society CTB:TV 19
Design Vanguard Player Tables: Current Objective/Mission CTB:TV 19
Treasure 101 Magic Items CTB:TBV 20
Characters Character Origin Table MiO 7
Characters Orbital Profession Table MiO 7
Abilities Random Mutation Table MiO 10
Characters Unusual Characteristics Table MiO 12
Encounters Random Space Encounters MiO 109
Characters Heroic Symbolism HotM 29
Abilities Quick Roll Skill Specialty HotM 28
Abilities Hero Vulnerability Table HotM 31
Abilities 101 Random Super Abilities HotM 34
Characters Random Crazy Insanity Table & Frenzy RUE 57
Characters Power by Association RUE 57
Characters Random Power Food Table RUE 58
Characters Multiple Personalities RUE 59
Magic Creature defies Shifter influence RUE 124
Characters Dog Boy Tables RUE 148
Characters Age of Dragon Hatchling RUE 158
Magic Wearing Body Armor (as Mage) RUE 188
Magic Random Ley Line Table RUE 191
Magic Constant occurrence during a Ley Line Storm RUE 192
Encounters Random Events that can happen during a Ley Line Storm RUE 192
Magic Constant Rift Table RUE 194
Magic Periodic Rift Table RUE 195
Magic Random Rift Table RUE 196
Places Random World Generation RUE 196
Places Random Plane Skip Target RUE 220
Magic Successful % unsuccessful Teleport RUE 225
Characters Birth Order RUE 296
Characters Weight RUE 297
Characters Height RUE 297
Characters Disposition RUE 297
Characters Environment Growing Up RUE 297
Characters Family Origin RUE 297
Characters Sentiments toward Coalition RUE 297
Characters Sentiments toward Non-Humans RUE 298
Characters Initital reason for Adventuring RUE 298
Characters Random Insanity Table RUE 332
Characters Affective Disorders Table RUE 333
Characters Neurosis Table RUE 333
Characters Psychosis Table RUE 334
Characters Random Phobia Table RUE 336
Characters Random Obsession Table RUE 337
Combat Personality Modification while Intoxicated RUE 338
Combat Optional Robot Combat Damage Tables RUE 353
Combat Hit Location & Damage from a a Mega-Damage Blast RUE 359
Combat Insanity Due to Near Death Trauma RUE 359
Magic Magic Delirium RboM 33
Magic Curses of a Taboo RboM 35
Magic Transmutation Mutation Table RboM 42
Magic Ley Line Time Flux RboM 129
Magic Plane Skip Target RboM 135
Magic Notable, Random Warp Effect RboM 138
Characters Permanent Insanity RboM 140
Places Vehicle use on Summoned and Controlled Storm RboM 149
Magic Results of an Unsuccessful Teleport RboM 153
Magic Open Rift RboM 182
Magic Summon Sea Animal-Friend RboM 206
Magic Time Maelstrom Distortion Table RboM 248
Magic Time Maelstrom RelocationTable RboM 248
Magic Time Warp Distortion Table RboM 249
Magic Fourth Dimension Transform Possible Permanent Side Effects RboM 250
Magic Fourth Dimension Transform Possible Temporary Side Effects RboM 251