RIFTS – Material und Tabellen

Die Ausrüstungstabellen helfen beim NSC-Entwurf und wenn die Personnagen einen NSC durchsuchen.

Die Shopping & Services-Tabellen beantworten die Frage, was man wo zu welchem Preis kaufen kann. Die Angaben haben sich im Spiel bewährt, sind aber nicht Kanon.

Bei den Verschiedenen Tabellen finden sich einige Hausregeln, die sich ebenfalls im Spiel bewährt haben.

– tassander


Misc. Equipment – on body

1-2Air Filter181
3Animal Trap (small)
4-5Canteen 2 MDC
6-8Cigarettes and lighter
9-10Crucifix wood
11-13Crucifix silver
14-15Gas Mask
16Insect Repellent
17Fishing Line
18Magnifying Glass182
20-22Welding Torch and Tank
23Pocket/Signal Mirror
24-27Communicator Old Style Radio183
30-32Field Radio
33Language Translator, Port.184
34-35PDD Audio-Player
36PDD-V Aud./Video Player
37-38Video Communicator
39-44First Aid Kit
45IRMSS Medical Surgeon System185
46-47Hypodermic Syringe
48-49Protein Healing Salve
50Micro Scale
51-54Camouflage Compact186
55Computer: Portable Field Unit
56-59Computer Reference Library (d% which Skill)
60Electro-Adhesive Pad187
61-63Flashlight, Rechargeable
64-67Handcuffs light MDC
68-70Handcuffs Military
71Lock Pick
72-73Lock Pick Release Gun
74-76NG-S2 Basic Survival Pack
77Portable Short Range Radar System
78-80SPU-5 Sonic Insect Repell.188
88-89Infrared Dist. Binoculars
90-95Dosimeter (Geigerz.)
96Radar Detector (portable)190
97Radar, Mini
98Acoustic Noise Generator
99Tracer Bug
100Pocket Scrambler

Grenades, E-Clips, Sidearms…

1Med. Explosive Arrow150
2Heav. Explosive Arrow
3High Explosive Arrow
4Gas Arrow
5Smoke Arrow
6Flare Arrow
7Neural Disruptor Arrow
8Tracer Bug Arrow
9-15CS Hand Grenades Fragm124
16-20CS Hand Grenade Light
17-19CS Hand Grenade Heavy
20-22CS Hand Grenade Plasma
23-25Stun/Flash Grenade
26-28Tear Gas Grenade
29-34Smoke Grenade
35-37Fusion Block Medium
38-40Fusion Block Heavy
56-67Standard E-Clip
68-76Long E-Clip
77-78Silver Rounds (SDC)112
79-84MD Dynamite Stick158
85-87NG Hand Gren. Frag.
88-89NG Hand Gren. High Expl.
90-91NG Hand Gren. Plasma
92-93NG Hand Gren. Smoke
94NG 2 MD Plastique
95NG 4 MD Plastique
96NG 6 MD Plastique159
97NG Anti-Personnel Mines
98NG Anti-Vehicle One
99NG Anti-Vehicle Two
100NG Anti-Vehicle Three

Misc. Magic – on body

1-2Amaranth (dose)280
3-4Ash Tree (leaf)
5-6Ash: Rowan (pinch)
7Ash: Rowan (potion)
8-9Belladonna (paralysis)
10Belladonna (poison)
12-13Black Hellebore (potion or tea)
14Black Hellebore (leave)
15Castor oil (potion)
16Castor oil (lotion)
19-20Clover: white281
21Dwarf Elder
22Foxglove potion
23-24Ginseng (fatigue)
25-26Ginseng (speed)
27-28Holy Thistle (sickness)
29-30Holy Thistle (strength)
31-32Horsetail (magic)
33Horsetail (toxic gases)
34-35Mandrake root282
36Mandrake potion befuddle
37Mandrake potion empathy
38Mandrake potion telepathy
39Mistletoe potion charisma
40Mistletoe potion fire
41Mistletoe potion float
42-45Oak tree potion holy water
46Magic Acorn
47Magic Oak Leaf
48Magic Oak Bark
49Magic Oak Root
50Magic Tea
51-55Rue potion holy water
56Rue potion sleep
57Willow tree leaves
58-63P.P.E. Energy cells322
64-67Flare Animal Repellent328
68-72Flare Globe of Daylight
73Flare Storm
74-75Goblin Bomb Blinding Flash
76-77Goblin Bomb Carpet of Adhesion
78-79Goblin Bomb Extinguish Fire329
80-81Goblin Bomb Fear Grenade
82-83Goblin Bomb Fire Bomb
84-85Goblin Bomb Fuel Flame
86-87Goblin Bomb Lightning Bomb
88-89Goblin Bomb Orb of Cold
89-90Goblin Bomb Smoke
91Grenade Flash Freeze
92Grenade Paralysis
93Grenade Vampire Chaser Steam Gr.
94-95Eyes of Thoth Reading Glasses 332
99-00Thieves’ Gloves

Services and Shopping

Basic Services

E-Clips long/short (+ recharging RUE 268 medium/large only)

Basic Gear RUE 261 + First Aid Kit o. (30%) GMG 181-183

Small Community1-50% no!51-75 % yes!76-90 % yes + MDC repairs!91-00 % yes +MDC repairs + 1 weapons vendor
Medium/Large CommunityAlways

Weapons, Armor & Explosives 

Number of vendors

Small communitesSee above
Medium communitiesRoll 1d4
Large communitiesRoll 2d4

In stock/vendor

1-40Common North American (RUE w/o CS)
41-50CS old style Contraband or Knockoffs (50%  30% minderer Qualität GMG 111)
51-60Everything RUE
61-70Everything North American GMG (w/o CS New Style)
71-80Everything NG 1
81-84Triax GMG
85-88Naruni GMG
89-92Triax GMG + Everything RUE
93-96Naruni GMG + Everything RUE
97-00Special! (e.g. Triax 2, CS New Style, Naruni Wave 2, Merc Ops…)


1-70Per community
71-00Per vendor
1-20100 – d6 x 10%
71-80100 + d6 x 10%
81-90100 + d12 x 10%
91-100100 + d4 x 100%


Magie in den Burbs

% des Eintreffens CS RundenHandlung
50%1d6Auffällige Incantations oder Summonings in der Öffentlichkeit; Tag; viele Zeugen
30%1d12Weniger auffällige Magie in der Öffentlichkeit (einfache incantations); Tag; viele Zeugen
20%1d8Auffällige Incantations oder Summonings in der Öffentlichkeit; Nacht; wenige Zeugen
5%1d12Weniger auffällige Magie in der Öffentlichkeit (einfache incantations); Nacht; wenige Zeugen

Nicht genehmigtes Fliegen in der CS Flugüberwachungszone

% des Eintreffens pro Runde fliegendReaktionszeit
10%2d12 Runden


Skill% = MDC/weekAlien Technology (Splugorth, Naruni Enterprises …)
1/4 Skill% = MDC/dayAdvanced Technology (Triax, New CS, Bandido Arms, Titan Robotics …)
Skill% = MDC/dayCommon Technology (Old CS, Northern Gun, IHA, GAW, WI …)

Vehicle/Robot Control (HU Revised p. 83ff.)

Roll on Pilot skill every melee or lose control – under these conditions
Exceeding Cruising SpeedCruising Speed = 50% Max. Speed or as indicated
Exceeding Road Speeds Over 75mph (120 km/h) on a back roadOver 45 mph (72 km/h) on a trailCruising Speed on a highway(Highways exist only within Fortress Cities and the NGR Autobahn)Penalty HURevised p.84; or -10% /20mph
Exceeding Maneuver SpeedsTurn, swerve, lane change: additional roll at -12%
Poor Road ConditionsVery steep, rain etc.; -30%
Taking eyes off the roadRoll; faster than cruising/road speed: -10%
Avoiding obstacleRoll; leaving the road: -40%
Hovering below radar+10%, generally
Off roadRoad Speed 20 mph (32 km/h); tracked vehicles: +10% to control rollRoad Speed 40 mph for vehicles/robots with legs;
Exceeding cruising speed when flyingCruising speed as indicated or 50% of max. speed

Robot/Power Armor/Vehicle Weapon Systems

If a specific primary purpose (not “assault” or “defense”, e.g.) is met, the gunner gains advantage, i.e. two d20 are rolled, the better result counts.