Episode 23: Nothing at the heart of the OSR

Zock-Bock-Radio Episode 23

In our second english language podcast episode the valiant hosts meet with the Prince of Nothing, reviewer extraordinaire and part-time enfant-terrible of the OSR online scene. We discuss his method of reviewing, reading habits, his YDIS-time, and of course Artpunk criticism. Later we debate the state of the OSR more generally, Prince’s love for LotFP, what might be missing (wargames!) and Settembrini being utterly wrong about Gavin Norman. With Dave Damage, Settembrini and the Prince of Nothing. Recorded on the 28th of June.


Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. Great stuff. Really wish I’d studied German back in school, as I’d love to listen to your other podcasts; I think you have both intelligent perspectives and interesting things to say.

    [also makes me want to return to Bavaria]

    Thanks for doing one in English!

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