Episode 25: He is the village green innovation society

zock-bock-radio episode 25

Dear listeners foreign & domestic! We are honoured by our esteemed guest, the Townes van Zandt of the OSR, the one and only Patrick Stuart!

We talk about playing vs. writing, online stalkers, the quest for originality, Patrick’s relation to art and the double problems of commercialization & commodification in the DIY scene. Among that: several questions by the hosts (hasran & Settembrini) on Patrick’s previous published work (mostly Silent Titans, DCO and Maze of the Blue Medusa) and of course, the newest project: Broken Fire Regime and how its Para-Cosm relates to the wider Stuartverse.

Content Warning: Zak S., Drugs, Mental Health and Alcohol were mentioned and/or consumed during the recording of the episode.


  • The recent Kickstarter!
  • His famous blog!
  • „No link for you“ to the secret store where one might order Maze of the Blue Medusa.

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  1. Heist adventures. Excellent ideas already mentioned in the podcast: read Kidnap the Archpriest; random generation tool for folk encountered. For the latter I would include a loyalty stat.
    Kidnap the Archpriest might be improved by a more graduated alarm response; see the Notoriety system in WGR6 The City of Skulls. Also some more thought about obstacles against resources, e.g. locked stout wooden doors against passwall, knock, wood warp.
    Other adventures worth looking at: A Little Bit of Thievery; Statues.

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